Mozilla Firefox 24.0 Final

Mozilla Firefox 24.0 Final terbaru adalah aplikasi browser terpopuler hingga saat ini. Anda tentu sudah sangat paham dengan fungsi Mozilla Firefox.

Change log:

  • Support for new scrollbar style in Mac OS X 10.7 and newer
  • Implemented Close tabs to the right
  • Social: Ability to tear-off chat windows to view separately by simply dragging them out
  • Accessibility related improvements on using pinned tabs
  • Removed support for Revocation Lists feature
  • Performance improvements on New Tab Page loads
  • Major SVG rendering improvements around Image tiling and scaling
  • Improved and unified Browser console for enhanced debugging experience, replacing existing Error console
  • Removed support for sherlock files that are loaded from application or profile directory
  • Replace fixed-ratio audio resampler in capture code with Speex resampler and eliminate pseudo-44000Hz rate
  • 24.0: Security fixes can be found


Mozilla Firefox 24.0 (21 MB)

Mozilla Firefox 24.0 Final

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